Jeff Zacharski, M.S.
Life & Business Coach
Record Producer/Songwriter
Master of Mic Drops
Your Wingman

Vision. Heart. Harmony. Brilliance. Fun.

The Skinny:
What made me want to do this work? A journey to put down the ego and start leading from my heart. I have a strong passion for connecting and partnering with people, supporting their progress as they become a catalyst for change, unlocking and expanding possibilities throughout all their adventures. I bring my heart, my humor and my blue steel ridiculously good looks to every session. My expertise and instinct will help you not only expand but also plan and execute your dreams, unlock breakthroughs, and push through boundaries to achieve goals faster.

A little more about my background:
I bring to the table 15+ years of integrated start-up experience and expertise in business and technical operations, management, leadership, and customer experience across multiple industries. Into my transition, I followed my passion of music, pivoted careers, and stepped away from my stress-stricken day job into something that was more fulfilling. I am a music producer, songwriter, and coach who provides life shifting transformations, career focus and project support for individuals, artists, and industry executives. I’m passionate about motivating and supporting my clients through their own transitions and toward their ambitions.