November 25, 2017 Jeff


Self expression. Where are you comfortable showing the world what you want to say? Where do you hide?

For years I’ve maintained the story, I’m not a artist. I sit behind the curtain as a songwriter and producer, infusing my creativity into others self expression. Even typing this, it seems obvious to me that I was even ignoring acknowledging my artistry there.

I’ve decided to push myself and change the story. My declaration was to put an EP album out in 2017 and it will be released in the next 2 weeks. My album “Crepe Paper Moon” will be released under the project name “The Lost Silhouettes”. For this project I get to be 100% me. I get to say what I want to say from where I want to say it. With putting anything into the world, I’m opened up for judgement, but I’m over using that as an excuse. Don’t get me wrong… I’m still nervous, but I’m empowered.

Where are you holding back? What is the truth you haven’t stepped into yet? What’s the game you want to play? What are you playing it for? Changing a story, one at a time, is one step closer to what you want out of life than you were before. For me, coaching was the vehicle to begin that process. Let’s go for a ride together and see where we end up?