November 25, 2017 Jeff


There are two aspects of events. What happens and our interpretation. When I was ten, I was a small child. I scored barely registered on the chart for height and weight of kids my age. I was less than the 10th percentile as as some of the tests were indicating I was set to stay there. I learned that my cell receptors didn’t know how to uptake the growth hormone. Imagine if you will a middle school dance in the 90’s, boys on one side, girls on the other. Both secretly interested in the mingle, but terrified to make the first move. Yeah that my biology. This is one case of gathering evidence to being the construction of my story. I call it “Behind The Curve”. This blockbuster screenplay would stick with me through life, generating, seeking, picking up evidence along its way just so I can be right about it. I mean, come on, we all like to be right about something, right? If it walks like a ducks, and talks like a duck, it must be a duck!?! Relating to our stories in such a way only re enforces how real they FEEL to us. What if we were to look at life through this lens? What do you imagine YOU would see? What if you could SWAP out that lens? What if you could CHANGE YOUR STORY?!? Coaching has taught me to put down the story, see it as only that, and choose something that better servers my life. Interested in changing yours? Let’s talk!