November 25, 2017 Jeff


What does it feel like to live as 100% you? It’s even a bit uncomfortable to write or talk about. My experience has been that external influences modify my behavior. Our perceptions of other people’s expectations create motivation for us to change… But is it for us?

What if you could be 100% you in every situation/experience? What would be the impact on your life? What would be the impact on your relationships? With your friends? With your family? With your significant other? With your work? With yourself? What if you are perfect just the way you are?

Something that I hide from the world is anything that would make me not feel like I’m perfect. The bar is always set to high. (And it’s imaginary) If I can’t reach it, I will play a small game. This becomes a game of the ego… A team of one… The wizard behind the curtain with no one to impress. It’s a lonely game with no end goal. What if I changed the game? Changed the story? Lately, I’ve been practicing building the foundation to allow support in, making impactful moves and re-inventing my relationship to the goals and vision I’ve set for myself. The verdict? More heart, more movement, more connection, most importantly.. MORE ME!

What is something that you haven’t shared with the world? What is something you haven’t acknowledged to yourself that is part of you at your core? What can you take on to put 10% more of YOU into the world and yourself? Coaching has taught me that a story is simply just that. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m living the story. What’s the story you want to change? Let’s talk about it and set the foundation to shift it.