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Now that you’re smiling 🙂 Ever wonder where that comes from? When was the last time you took a look at your true authentic self? How do you show up? How do you stand? What do you naturally bring to the table? How do you embrace and affect change? A introspective discovery will shape the steps you take moving forward. Combined with a structured, outcome-driven approach, coaching will provide you with the tools and support to impact and maintain change in and throughout your life.

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Jeff Zacharski, M.S.
Life & Business Coach
Record Producer/Songwriter
Master of Mic Drops
Your Wingman

Vision. Heart. Harmony. Brilliance. Fun.

The Skinny:
What made me want to do this work? A journey to put down the ego and start leading from my heart. I have a strong passion for connecting and partnering with people, supporting their progress as they become a catalyst for change, unlocking and expanding possibilities throughout all their adventures. I bring my heart, my humor and my blue steel ridiculously good looks to every session. My expertise and instinct will help you not only expand but also plan and execute your dreams, unlock breakthroughs, and push through boundaries to achieve goals faster.

A little more about my background:
I bring to the table 15+ years of integrated start-up experience and expertise in business and technical operations, management, leadership, and customer experience across multiple industries. Into my transition, I followed my passion of music, pivoted careers, and stepped away from my stress-stricken day job into something that was more fulfilling. I am a music producer, songwriter, and coach who provides life shifting transformations, career focus and project support for individuals, artists, and industry executives. I’m passionate about motivating and supporting my clients through their own transitions and toward their ambitions.

Everything has changed and yet,
I am more me than I’ve ever been.
Iain Thomas

Feeling stuck? Kicking some @SS? Want to kick even more? Need a second pair of feet? I’m your guy! No matter where you are in your journey, a coach in your corner is one of the best decisions you can make.  Many of the top executives in the world hire coaches.

Why would some of the top performers do this?

  • Gaining Perspective
  • Gain support around ideas in any stage for your projects
  • Smoother transitions
  • Safe, secure outlets to vent and discuss
  • Stay ahead of the curve always improving your leadership

Hire me to stand with you in your corner and work with you in creating clarity, move your projects into action and accelerate your progress, focus and awareness into all the possibilities to create an even more fulfilling life.

Work With Me




One-to-One Coaching - Authenticity

Writers, songwriters, content creators, and artists looking to access more intimate vulnerability and truth to create more connection with their audiences.

One-to-One - Men and Masculinity

Men looking to build leadership and confidence, break through vulnerability barriers, and enhance intimacy in relationships.

One-to-One - Relationships

Men and women looking to distinguish and breakthrough barriers in their romantic relationships, creating depth in love, intimacy, and partnership.

One-to-One Coaching - Entrepreneurs

Creators, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs looking to level up their life and/or shift their side hustle to the main stream.

Workshops for Groups

Organization & Team Coaching

Ryan L.
Jeff Zacharski has a unique ability to create genuine connection during coaching conversations. He is warm, caring, and fully engaged in the conversation at hand. In our work together, he helped me identify the things that were working for me as well as what I needed to do to create the relationships that I want to have. Jeff offers fantastic insight to new ways of being and living. Thanks to my work with Jeff, I have the best relationship I have ever had with my Dad. The value created by the transformative work we did together is unquantifiable! Thank you Jeff for helping ME change MY life!
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Perfect combination of business minded and heart centered: BEST COACH EVER
Jeff is the best combination of kindness, compassion, humor and being able to hold someone accountable. He has a great way of making big projects or challenges look like a simple stream of achievable goals. He gets very invested in his client's success, and will follow through to the end with whatever your goals are. I can think of no one else I'd rather have in my corner as a coach.
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Chase M.

Crazy how most of the problems we have with other people are really just problems we have with ourselves if reflected back a lot of times. So many automatic things run our lives we don't even see. One huge value I've learned through life coaching with my friend Jeff (who I highly recommend working with btw) is being able to understand my own coping mechanisms and being able to use them to my advantage instead of my downfall.

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Theresa F.

Jeff led me to an understanding of how historical conflicts with my family and past intimate relationships tend to hinder me at times. Since my session with Jeff, I have thought in detail about some of these realizations and what I can do to improve future interactions. This is one of many examples during this session that has helped me in the short time since speaking with Jeff. I am not usually a fan of talking with others about myself, but this experience was incredibly beneficial and eye-opening for my understanding of how others feel about their interactions with me.

I cannot say enough for what Jeff has done for me and I recommend him without hesitation as a life coach. His guidance, input, and direction is what so many of us need as we move through the responsibilities and conflicts we often become "stuck" on.

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Amazing Coach!
Jeff is an amazing coach! He has mastered the art of truly listening to his clients and understanding their needs. Jeff is dedicated to helping everyone he comes in contact with to make the most out of their life's up and downs. Helping people is definitely a passion for him and empowering his clients to see their potential comes naturally to Jeff. He treats everyone with respect and honors their feelings and emotions. He then helps his clients transform their mindset to enable them to reach bigger goals. You could not ask for a better LIFE coach!
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Thank You!
Matt K., Artist
Jeff Zacharski gave me an excellent coaching session. We talked about my background, strengths and talked about strategies to help expand my career and seek new opportunities that are in line with my core values. We talked about empowerment and embracing the essence of who you are, how you operate and behave based on those essential qualities. Jeff is a very calm, thoughtful and thorough coach with positive and powerful intuition.
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Perfectionism was my worst enemy!
Gabby, Songwriter/Recording Artist
Jeff helped me completely transform my perspective and come from my true essence. My own perfectionism was my worst enemy, and I eventually feared doing what I loved most. Jeff helped me identify the areas in which my perfectionism was working against me and guided me towards breaking down my barriers. I've made significant shifts in how I operate, and now truly feel unlimited and fearless in what I can accomplish creatively.
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